Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Puka Pants

This is the puka I got in my favorite pants when I fell off the wall between Washington Middle School and Zippys. True, it's not a big puka, but you know how it's just gonna get bigger and bigger if I wear it and wash it and wear it and wash it. I don't care how stylish puka pants are, women of my age don't wear um.

So I had this idea to buy some fabric glue. I found this five-variety pack at Ben Franklin for $5. It's so neat. Starting from the left Fabric Fusion is a dry cleanable adhesive, next is Flexible Stretchable for t-shirts and knits, next is OK to Wash-It, a permanent fabric bond, then Jewel-It embellishing glue to permanently attach jewels and finally No-Sew temporary hold for basting and stitching.
I used this one - OK to Wash-It.
On the inside of my pants I put on several coats. I let it try between coats.
On the outside it looks like this. I've already washed it several times and it's still holding up. And no one's told me yet, "Eh lady you get one puka in your pants!"